Yadism documentation


yadism is a wonderful 😉 package for computing DIS observables.

Design Goals

yadism present some real advantages with respect to analogous codes available. They are mainly related to the choice of developing this project applying a modern methodology.

In particular:

  • the project is open source, freely available from an early stage of development, open for requests and contributions

  • the project has been developed using python, because even if it would make harder to improve the runtime performances, it will improve enormously readability

    • the performances issues are delegated to the use of external compiled extensions (like scipy), relying on very well tested libraries, or even using JIT compiled code (or in general python defined compiled code), e.g. using numba

      pip install yadism
  • another great benefit of the previous point is the delivering and portability: the project is deployed on PyPI and you can simply download it using pip, simply running:

  • the project is managed applying CI/CD patterns, in this way is continuously benchmarked at any update, against other tools, itself and preserving invariants exploiting a unit-test suite (for a full description see Tests)

  • a lot of attention has been paid in writing a helpful and detailed documentation, to help users and future maintainers